Monday, February 20, 2012

Back at it...

I haven't blogged since last summer, so I figured a new blog and layout might get me in the mood again!

Brit, Nate, Adam, Jen, me, Derek
I will try to sum up some exciting things that have happened since I blogged, once, last summer...

I think summer went by WAY too fast...but really, who ever thinks it goes by slow? Anyway, we ended it with the annual Metcalfe/Theisen weekend up at our cabin on Green Lake. It was filled with pontoon rides, the first annual beer pong tourney, cards and bocce ball. Our family has so much fun with them, they are practically family :) Also, Jenny and Derek just got married this past January!

Bocce Ball Champs 

Halloween was a blast. One of my friends, Erin, and I had a grand old time being a deer and flapper. Even though people thought she was a gazelle and I was an indian...It was her 21st birthday that weekend too, so a bunch of us went out downtown and had a blast! People watching was prime...some costumes, I'll tell ya...

Adam, looking extra creepy in his convict costume. He had a perma-wedgie all night because the jumper was  a tad too small for him

I tried carving a pumpkin and Adam clearly did a better job than me. I also made my first batch of pumpkin seeds without my mom's help...big milestone, I know.

Spiders only have 6 1/2 legs...right? Ok, good.
He is much more artistic than I am...look at that fancy cat

Winter (snow) has been pretty absent this year, but we were able to go to the Holidazzle Parade on one of the few snowy days of the season! It was perfect. Hot cocoa, pretty lights and a wonderful guy...
at the Macy's 'A Day in the Life of an Elf' display

Brittani and Nate have been up here in Minnesota, as opposed to Houston, for most of the year and it has been so great. I love being a quick 10 minute drive away from them, instead of a not so quick 3 hour flight! I am thrilled they will be here for the next two years because....Brit is PREGNANT! AHHHH every time I think about that I smile. They will be such amazing parents and let's face it....I'm going to spoil that kid like there's no tomorrow. I've known for a long time but have had to keep my mouth shut which was torture pretty difficult! See you in August, little squishier. 

The only picture I could find of use 4...we are all so photogenic it's great

Our family, along with Ellie (brother's gf) and Adam, spent a week in Cancun during the first week of January. It was an amazing, relaxing and unforgettable trip. We stayed at a resort called the M.E. by Malia. It had a very Mediterranean feel to it. The weather was shaky at first, but got progressively nicer and nicer. We were all sunned out by the doubt.The food was very exquisite and unique...but by the end of the trip I think it's safe to say we would all have given our right arm for a Domino's pizza. 

some other new tidbits...
-Adam was accepted at the School of Dentistry here at the University of Minnesota for this fall :)
-My Ultima ,Uma, is gone. She was totaled in November... :'(
-I chopped my hair, 8 inches...gone! Love it. 
- Still waiting to hear back from grad schools...
- I'm working as an Office Assistant at my apartment building. I basically get paid to sit and do homework/facebook/blog/pinterest ;)
-Still playing CSI at my job at the Medical Examiner's office downtown

That's all for now!
xo Courtni

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