Sunday, February 23, 2014

GV Black Tie Formal

I'm not sure what the GV stands for, but GV Black Tie is the name of the annual Dental School formal put on by ASDA (American Student Dental Association). Last year it was held at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul and this year it was at 5 Event Center in Uptown (Minneapolis). It's always a fun excuse to get everyone dressed up and let loose! We had reservation with a group of 10 friends at Chino Latino's to have dinner before the dance. We were running late (Adam just couldn't get his hair right...wait, maybe that was someone else) and told the others to start without us. With reservations at 8, we ended up being the first to show up at 8:30! The roads were still pretty icy and it took people at least twice as long to get there. They were nice enough to hold our table and we had a great time with everyone once they showed up. Adam and I ordered nachos to share and were not expecting what we received! We must have been to Qdoba one to many times, but we were thinking traditional looking nachos. Fair enough assumption, right? Our food came out with long, thin plantain chips poking out everywhere with the toppings in the middle. We got a good laugh out of it! Lesson learned.

With dinner starting later than planned, we got the dance late as well. It was a much smaller venue than last year and had two floors. The first had a large bar, the coat check area and high top tables to mingle. The second floor had the dance floor, a photo booth and several lounge-like booths surrounding the outer edge. It was a fun atmosphere and several people were getting crazy on the dance floor, but our friends mostly just mingled around and chatted. All students year 1-4 are invited, so it was fun to see all the new faces! After a few hours at the dance, our group decided to head out and find something else to do in Uptown. We stumbled across Bryant Lake bowling ally and gave it a shot. It was an old-school bowling ally that didn't have any electric scoreboards or fancy music videos playing. It was so fun to step back a few decades and enjoy bowling like our parents did growing up ;)  Our group decided that next year we'd possibly skip the dance and just do a nice dinner and an activity. We had such a great time with everyone, it was definitely a night to remember.

We are eagerly awaiting baby Prosser number two right now! Nate and Britt decided not to find out the gender again, but I think it is a girl (Adam thinks boy). I don't have any reason for thinking it's a girl, aside from my aunt instincts. We would truly be so blessed to have our first nephew though, so it'll be amazing either way! Adam and I thought the baby would come this weekend and imagined ourselves getting the call Friday during the dance; arriving at the hospital all dressed up and fancy. That would have been pretty funny! You are so loved baby P, we all can't wait to meet you.


The disclaimer that came with our friends food

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