Friday, March 7, 2014

Willa Grace Prosser.

Baby Prosser number two is here and I could not be more excited! Brittani and Nate went to the hospital Tuesday morning, March 4th, and things could not have gone better. They were anticipating labor to take most of the day, but Willa had other plans! I left work around 10am that morning to head to the hospital, thinking that I would be hanging out with them at the hospital and killing time until the birth that evening. I got there and us three were chatting for awhile, with no huge progress as far as contractions or dilation goes. I left to go get all of us lunch around 12pm, knowing that I wanted to get back by 12:30, which was when Brittani was going to get checked again. I ran to a Chipotle and Potbelly nearby and got back around 12:25. I made my way up the elevator with two hands full of food, drinks and a chocolate shake, barge into the room and get the surprise of a lifetime. The doctor leaned back to look at me and told me to step outside because she was pushing. What? I said "really?" and heard Britt say back "yes, I am!". I quickly reversed out of the room and was in a daze for a few minutes. Nobody else was here, I was the only person aside from Britt and Nate from both of their families. I walked over to the waiting room and, remembering that it took them about 45 minutes post-birth to come tell us the gender of Emeri, started eating my burrito bowl. No more than five minutes later, I see Nate walking towards me in the hallway. I throw my food to the side and take off towards him. His grin was unforgettable and he asked me if I wanted to know what it was? Girl! Tears started flowing and we both walked into the room to see Britt. I saw Willa less than 10 minutes after she came out and could not contain myself. She was perfect. The miracle of life is something that will always be remarkable to me. The human body is amazing, but a woman's body is extra special. We are blessed with the capabilities of growing a human being. From conception to infancy, we are wired to have everything the baby needs to grow, be fed and nurtured. I envy the nurses that get to witness that every day, as the joy surrounding a baby's first moments are electric. The presence of God that day was undeniable. Willa is such an answered prayer and will always be loved by her two amazing parents, big sister Emeri and dotting family. We now have two beautiful nieces and life just got a whole sweeter.

P.S. Britt and I decided that my new name should be Auntie Coco. 'Courtni' was too hard for Emeri to learn and she learned 'Ada' (Adam) before my name. Willa will know me as Coco and Emeri will know me as the girl who goes with Ada :)

Willa Grace

Auntie Coco

Uncle Scotty

Grandma and her granddaughters!

Grandpa and Willa

Daddy and his little girls


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