Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello, May!

So, we've been really busy lately. I've fallen off the blogging train a bit, but I'm back! A few weekends ago we drove to Milwaukee, WI for the weekend for a college reunion with friends. It was so much fun. We didn't get to leave the cities until about 6pm, so we got to Milwaukee pretty darn late. We stopped at Target a few hours out of the city and I was so surprised to find myself passing through a liquor Target. Welcome to Wisconsin! Our weekend was filled with catching up, trying a wonderful brunch spot called Blue's Egg and experiencing the area night life. There were eight of us staying in our friend's one bedroom apartment. The entire floor was filled with air mattresses and it felt like a giant slumber party. Almost everyone we met up with is either in medical school or is starting medical school this fall (aside from Adam and I). This means that we're all crazy busy and it is truly is wonderful that we found a weekend to get together! Being the cheese fanatic that I am, we stopped by a cheese shop in Wisconsin on our way home. We got curds and this glorious extra sharp cheddar cheese. I cut Adam and I a few slices of it and put it back in the paper bag. When we stopped for gas an hour out of the cities, I collected trash from the car to throw away. Sadly, my aged cheddar chunk snuck into my trash pile and got thrown. Tragic ending, but still a great weekend!

Our volleyball team has continued to be a rollercoaster of wins and losses. The Pocket Aces (our team) have officially made it to playoffs! I don't think this day was ever on anyone's radar. Last week we had out first 3-0 win over a team and it felt pretty great! It's been such a blast playing with everyone. We just signed up for a summer beach volleyball league on Lake Calhoun.

The Minnesota Wild made it to playoffs and beat the Avalanche in the first round! It's been so much fun cheering on our brother-in-law, Nate. It was also his birthday yesterday, so the Prosser side and our side all got together to celebrate. So fun seeing everyone. We are now mid-way through the Blackhawk series and are looking forward to game four on Friday! Funny story about last night. Adam and I were about two miles away from their house, on our way home, when Adam realized he didn't have his phone. We reversed, flipped the Prosser house upside down and could not find it. Long story short, we ended up finding Adam's phone about five miles away on the side of the road where I had picked him up from the bus stop. Whenever we go there, he takes a bus from Minneapolis and I pick him up from the stop closest to their house. The phone must have slipped out of his pocked when he got into the car. It was literally sitting on the road for three hours during the party. We were all amazing that it didn't get run over, stolen or rained on! Halleluiah.

This is how we found the phone
Today is Adam's official last day of year two! I can't even believe it. Long before starting dental school, he was told how awful year two was. This year by far had the most difficult and largest amount of material for him to learn. Not only did he get through it, but he did so well! I was amazed by his study habits, diligence and focus. After this year, it's mostly clinical, so we're on to the fun stuff! Tonight, myself and three other dental wives are hosting an End of Year Two BBQ for a bunch of people. Weather allowing, we'll be picnicking, grilling and playing lawn games to celebrate them. I can't wait! It's been so fun getting to know Adam's dental class and their families, we're truly blessed to have met these people. It'll be a great night of celebrating and letting loose (for them), as this girl has to work tomorrow ;)

Last day as a D2!
This weekend will be a busy one for us! Adam's going to get some much needed relaxation on the golf course with some dental friends, my friend Molly has her bridal shower/bachelorette party on Saturday and it's Mother's Day on Sunday. It's also the Fargo Marathon this weekend, where we have several family members running the half-marathon. We wish we could be up north cheering them all on! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

Fun ice trays I found at Francesca's :)

Rock Bottom Brewery for our friend Brian's birthday

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