Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Three Years.

Today is our three year {dating} anniversary! We've technically been together a bit longer, but we took awhile to become official. Still, May 21st has always been the day that we celebrate. Now that we're married and have started over from scratch as far as anniversaries go, it would be easy for this day to lose it's meaning. I don't want that to happen, at least not yet. It's the day that, three years ago, we were up at my cabin on Green Lake in Spicer, MN. It was late and Adam and I had just finished watching a movie. We were about to head to bed and Adam asked if I would be his girlfriend. I wish I had started this blog earlier, as it would have been very interesting to document my feelings at that time. Unquestionably, I was extremely happy and probably a little giddy. I knew he was special. I knew what we had was something different. Something worth being patient for. Something that would never stop feeling new and exciting. A feeling of such elation, yet peaceful at the same time. Peaceful knowing it was the end of 'you and I' and the start of 'us'. It was the season of our last first kiss and our last first date. I wouldn't change a thing, Mr. Erickson, our story is my favorite.

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