Monday, June 2, 2014

Lake Life.

We are blessed to have two family cabins to visit during the summers. Adam's family has a cabin in Frazee, MN and my family has one in Spicer, MN. The past two weekends we have visited both and had such a wonderful time.

Memorial weekend was spent up at the Erickson's and we had a blast. We got up there late Friday night and spent Saturday morning at a local flee market. Adam and I found a stand that was selling books for a quarter! We ended up getting six new books for only a dollar. Only in a small town :) Saturday afternoon we took a four-wheeler ride around the dirt roads surrounding their cabin. It was so beautiful. I really think I'm meant to live on a farm someday. I love it. We passed a large open pasture with tons of different colored cows. I told Adam we needed to stop because I wanted to try to feed them over the fence. Long story short, the herding dogs chased me away {I may have had a minor heart attack}, but at least I gave it a shot. We had a bonfire that night, played tons of games and spent time laying in the sun at the lake's edge. It was so fun to see everyone, as we don't make it up that way all that often. Kyle and Rachel joined us on Sunday, along with a few other family members from Fargo. That morning Adam and I took a long canoe ride along the edge of his lake. It was so peaceful {aside from Adam telling me over and over that the person in the back is supposed to steer}.We planted some flowers, put the docks in, played more games, had a movie night and relaxed. There were so many turtles around that weekend! We saw mini snapping and painted turtles that were about the size of a half-dollar. One giant snapper even made his way across the entire patio Monday afternoon. Fun weekend!

This past weekend was spent up at my family's cabin in Spicer, MN. I love my cabin. With it being seasonal, there's always such anticipation to go up there for the first time each summer. Adam had a bachelor party for our friend Mark, so he stuck around the cities and I headed to Spicer. It rained off and on most of the weekend, but we still got outside as much as we could! Friday night my brother, his friend Jack and myself went to Zorbaz for a few drinks. Saturday morning my mom and I headed to Willmar for a little shopping, while waiting out the rain. We got home and went for a bike ride around the entire lake, which is about 13 miles. So much fun. It doesn't feel like exercise with such good conversation. It was so interesting seeing all of the new cabins popping up, as it is every summer for the first time. Our lake is a perfect mix of new age and old charm. Saturday night we all tried to go eat at O'Neil's, a local bar/grill in downtown Spicer, but it was completely packed. We ventured to Willmar for dinner and ended the night lounging in the cabin. I brought up my new book called The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks books all tend to have a very similar theme. Boy falls for girl, unfortunate circumstance and {insert happy ending or beautifully tragic demise of their relationship}. Anyways, it's been years since I enjoyed a Sparks book, so I'm okay being wrapped up in the cheesiness. Sunday started off drizzling outside as we made our signature Green Lake Belgian waffles. We relaxed and waited for the storm to pass. The sun started to peek out just as we were getting ready to leave {of course it did}. Adam and I are both heading up next weekend and we can't wait! My parent's just bought another moped, in addition to our current two. We ride those things all the time and I think having three officially qualifies us as a 'moped gang'. I can't wait for our inaugural ride.

Last night I tried to duplicate the meal I had at Saga Hill Cooking Class for my friend Molly's Bachelorette party {cinnamon and paprika seasoned flank steak fajitas}. Success! The guacamole I cut up to top it I wasn't quite matured yet, but aside from that it was delicious. We got the flank steak from Costco and we both really liked it. I feel like we'll be cooking with that a bit more in the future. Move over chicken, there's a new sheriff in town.

We found a face in the fire!

Julie and Grandpa Ken

Lake Seven

Fishing with bacon

The new golf cart!
Zorbaz on Green Lake


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