Thursday, September 4, 2014

One Year {8.17.13}

One year ago, I was frantically running around Adam's cabin like a madwoman doing last minute fixes and organizing. I wish that I could tell that girl to just breath. In their defense, multiple people did try to do that, but I don't think there's much one can say to calm a bride who feels unprepared. It's funny in a way, looking back and remembering what worries I was consumed by. What things I let stress me out. While I wasn't quite a bridezilla, I did get a little swept away in the bride vortex that blinds you to your own silly irrationalities. Did it really matter how the ribbon was glued on the galvanized pales? Did it really matter that our DJ wanted to meet one too many times to go over song choices? Of course it didn't and I'm forever grateful to the people who listened to my constant worries and put up with me. In retrospect, the only thing that should have caused a shred of worry would have been a cold-footed groom, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Our wedding day was pure bliss and the year since has been amazing.

Marriage is absolutely everything it's cracked up to be. I mean it. A lot of that probably stems from the fact that we didn't live together prior to marriage, but a part of me feels like our relationship is just beginning. I knew Adam extremely well while we were dating, but I didn't know all of the little things. I didn't know how he would balance a wife and a demanding school schedule. I didn't know how we would find our balance with daily chores and responsibility. I didn't know how he would handle all of my half full glasses of water scattered around our night stand. I didn't know how relationships with friends would change. There were a million questions I had. One question I didn't have, though, was whether or not we would flourish as a couple. I knew quarrels would weave their way into our lives, but I didn't imagine how much laughter and light would completely overshadow them. I love our first home {apartment}. It's warm, comforting, familiar and we've filled it with so many memories. It was the best feeling going home on Sunday after our wedding. We were home. This was our place. We will keep it clean and buy groceries and make meals and hang pictures. Such trivial things in the grand scheme of life, yet beautifully simple. Over the past year we've hosted parties, opened gifts, spilled on the carpet, danced and babysat our niece. We've welcomed yet another niece, transitioned to the second half of dental school, vacationed, sold a car, survived dental boards and worked through unease I felt at my job. We've done life together better that I could have every hoped. Unwavering support and love is what I appreciate most from Adam. He knows when I need to be hugged, when I need him to listen and when I need some tough love. They say the first year is the hardest, and boy do I hope that's true, because that would mean we've been very blessed. I wouldn't trade this last year for the world and pray that the year to come is filled with even more love, grace, patience, laughter, forgiveness and passion. We're on an adventure of a lifetime and it's only getting sweeter.

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