Monday, September 15, 2014

September Happenings.

I can't believe September is half over! Our latest volleyball session is going well and we're currently ranked first! We start playoffs next week. Adam just signed up for a flag football team on Monday nights {first game is tonight!} with about nine guys in his dental class and I start a women's basketball league this week on Wednesday nights. We should really get more involved, shouldn't we? ;) We will have two weeks of overlap with three sports nights a week, then volleyball stops until January. Our team decided to take this fall off and give everyone a little break.

I forgot how much I liked picking out new basketball shoes! 

Adam has been pretty steady in school, as year three is in full swing. He's loving working on patients and I can tell his demeanor about school has changed significantly from days of only classwork. It's so fun listening to him describe his patients and what he did during the day. He's starting an oral surgery assisting rotation this week and will be doing pediatric dentistry next. As of right now, he's still thinking general dentistry and I think it would be a fantastic fit. Adam's a floater. In high school, he was friends with people in every different social group. I feel as though this translates nicely to dentistry. Sure, he has interest in orthodontics {just as he had interest in sports in high school}, but he doesn't want it to limit him. He wants to be able to do orthodontics, surgery, pediatrics, root canals and everything else. Adam would be a wonderful general dentist and I'm so happy for him. Sure, things can change. Who knows where we will be in one year when specialty applications are due, but I do know that Adam can do whatever he sets his mind to and he'll be the cutest dentist in all the land.

This past weekend was equally as busy. Friday night we had a birthday party for a friend at a few different breweries in Minneapolis. We started at Sociable Cider Werks, moved on to Bauhaus Brew Lab and ended at 612 Brew. Neither Adam or I had every been to a brewery and had no idea what to expect. It ended up being so much fun! The breweries had a very industrial vibe (garage doors, exposed piping and beams). Really fun night, despite the fact that beer is one of my least favorite drinks. Saturday I was Britt's date at a wedding at St. Thomas Cathedral and the Landmark Center in downtown St. paul. It was a perfect fall day and everything was beautiful! It was also so great having that much sister time. While I was at the wedding, Adam got together with a few high school buddies who were in town for the Vikings game on Sunday. They hung out, went to dinner and I met up with all of them after the wedding. We all decided to swing by Toby Keith's for some live country music to end the night. A busy day!

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Sociable Cider Werks

We're headed up to Detroit Lakes this weekend. Can't wait!

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