Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Updates

 I've been slacking on the blogging front! We've had an eventful few weeks in our household {apartment-hold?} and I'll recap as best I can in a few different posts.

A few weeks ago we went up north to the Erickson's cabin and had a wonderful time! On Saturday morning Adam, Tim, Julie and I headed to Fargo for some Bison Football tailgating! Before we got there, we stopped by Julie's new Designing Women 2 building. It was huge! So fun to see where she works and all of their beautiful pieces of furniture/artwork. The company Adam's dad works for, West Central Ag., bought and converted a massive trailer into a tailgater's dream. A few years back, the trailer made it's way down to the University of Minnesota when the Bison took on the Gophers. That was the first fall Adam and I started dating, so it feels like a lifetime ago! Well, the tradition of amazing food and drinks hasn't seemed to let up. They had prime rib, an open bar and so many other amazing grilled goodies. Grandma Jayne, Grandpa Ken, Julie and I walked up and down the tailgating rows looking at the crazy happenings. There were intricately painted buses, trailers, cars and more team spirit than I've ever seen before. It was so fun to see, as the University of Minnesota  never had quite that same enthusiasm. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice spending time with Adam's family. Rachel and Kyle even biked up and joined us for a bit! We headed back to Detroit Lakes just as storm clouds were rolling in and the game was about to start. A few volleyball friends of ours joined us Saturday evening at the lake and we had a great time hanging out with them through Sunday morning. After they left, we got to work on the docks. This always makes me sad. Summer is officially coming to a close :( After a few hours and one mangled dock later, we had it pulled out. It's safe to say it was the last time that dock will see water. What a fun weekend it was!

West Central Tailgating Truck

My first Bison shirt!

Grandma Jayne and Grandpa Ken

Our volleyball team, the Pocket Aces, lost in the championship game of our summer league. It was a sad ending, but we still had a great game and a lot of fun. We decided to take this fall off, so our next league will start in January! My basketball league and Adam's flag football league are going well. I forgot how different it was to be in volleyball shape vs. basketball shape. After my first game, I was sore for almost an entire week. It's so much fun though and I love reconnecting with teammates I played with in high school. Adam's football team has won every game so far! Like me, I'm sure he enjoys getting back into a sport that was once such a huge part of his life.

The following weekend, we headed up to my cabin to take in the docks. We're dock moving machines, us Ericksons. Okay, to be's mostly Adam. I'm great at managing and encouraging the real movers. It was fun being up at my cabin during the fall. The leaves were turning and everything looked so crisp and clean. Funny though, the weather that weekend was warmer and nicer than several weekends we went up there this summer! It was almost 80 on Saturday, which made taking the docks out bitter sweet. But, being born and bread Minnesotans, we all know what's right around the corner. Snow. Lots of snow. Our cabin was recently resided and it looks so wonderful! It's quaint and old, with a certain charm about it that I love so dearly. This update refreshes it, while still allowing it to be the same cabin we know and love.

The bunkhouse and garage {new shakes on the garage}

New shakes and siding!

More October updates to come :)


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