Sunday, October 19, 2014

Riverboat Cruise and Minnetonka Orchards

Every fall, there is a Riverboat Cruse hosted by ASDA {American Student Dental Association}. It starts in St. Paul and cruises for a few hours down the Mississippi. It's always fun to have an excuse to dress up and of course, it's great to see friends! Summers are always busy, so this event officially kicks off dental events for the year. Last year, we went with our friends/neighbors the Conroys. This year they weren't able to join, as they just welcomed their new daughter, Kelly Adeline, a few days prior! She is so adorable and both her and momma are doing great :) Anyways, we headed off to the cruise and like last year, tried to go to Cossetta's Pizzeria before getting on. Like last year, the line was insanely long and we defaulted to Jimmy Johns. Oh well. The boat cruise was so much fun and it was a blast seeing all of our friends again. I've said it before, but we are seriously so blessed with amazing friends that dental school has brought our way. It was also fun meeting some new D1 students and spouses. It's crazy to think that Adam is an upperclassman now! Where did the time go? We talked and danced the night away and all headed to McGovern's Pub in St. Paul afterwards. It was another night for the books and one I'll never forget. I don't have many pictures, as Adam had to carry my phone in his pocket, but I do have one cute one of us! 

On that next Sunday, it was gorgeous out. I really wanted to find an orchard to visit and Adam was a great sport. Minnetonka Orchards was the closest to our apartment, so we headed out Saturday afternoon. They had a corn maze, pumpkin patch, giant hay bales and toy train cars for kids to climb on. A short walk away brought you to the actual orchards and apple festivities. They had tracker rides, a petting zoo, live music, an apple donut hut, a store selling anything apple your heart could dream of and a man making fresh pressed apple cider {he let kids help}. We decided on a half a dozen apple mini donuts and fresh chilled apple cider. The apple donuts were honestly the best donuts we've ever had. We went over to a sitting area that looked over the entire orchard and enjoyed our treats. We sat next to a couple and their infant son and a few rows away was a mother and her three kids. The mother stood up and asked the couple next to us to take their picture. They started talking {we overheard} and they soon found out that their son was named Adam and the mother's youngest was a five week old named Eve. Adam and Eve, meeting in the apple orchard. It gave everyone a laugh and was cute to listen to :) It couldn't have asked for a better afternoon with my handsome hubby. 

Cider Pressing!

this is what happens when you don't have children...

We will returning for these, if nothing else

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