Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Full of Fun {Adam's idea for this title}.

Sometimes Adam and I just sit and talk about how many great people we have in our lives. Honestly. We have so many different groups of friends, but all are wonderful and time spent with them is so cherished. It's easy to get caught up in trivial things that bring momentary stress, sadness or worry. It's important to be purposeful about how you give thanks. Thanks for health, people in your lives, jobs and opportunities presented to you. It's been a goal of mine lately to simply talk to God more. Not just when we pray at night before dinner or when I have something weighing heavily on my heart, but talk to Him as a friend. How many times do you thank someone for holding the door open for you, for sending you a birthday card or for simply telling you to have a nice day? Often. I pray that my relationship with God will grow to be that candid. That simply. That second nature in my everyday life.

Last Sunday we headed up to Adam's cabin in Detroit Lakes. Fall up North is breathtaking. We went on a long hike through their woods on Saturday and were in awe of the colors. Even though they were past peak, they were still beautiful. On Saturday we watched the Bison football game and made Grandma Jayne's apple crisp. This was, surprisingly, the first time I've even assisted with making apple crisp! My mom made it growing up {and it was delicious}, but I can't remember ever helping. It was so fun and must less mysteriously complicated like I had thought. We spent the night hanging out with Adam's parents watching movies and all made our way to Fargo the next morning. Adam's grandparents, Grandma Jayne and Grandpa Ken, were leaving for Arizona that following Wednesday. It was great seeing them one last time! We {Adam and Tim} helped them install a brand new T.V. Jealous. After goodbyes, we had to make a stop at Adam's favorite sandwich place. If any of his family is reading this, it probably goes without saying what it is. Grand Junction. It's been his mission ever since I've known him to find a similar place here in Minneapolis. So far, not so good. That just means it's a necessary stop any time we're in Fargo. Right after we got home, we made a very quick turnaround to Adam's flag football game. He played in the semi-final game Sunday at 6pm. Us wives decided to go support our boys and catch up with each other. They played the other dental school team and won! With an hour break before the championship, we all walked to the store for hot drinks and snacks. They ended up losing in the final game, but it was still fun way to end our weekend.

Adam's last flag football game

Making Grandma Jayne's Apple Crisp!

Ms. Bella joined on our walk
A & C

Last Wednesday we had a birthday party for our good friend, Erin. We all met at The Bulldog in Northeast Minneapolis and ate, drank and watched the world series finale. Erin has always been such a fun friend. I don't think there are many people who can make me laugh like she can! On Thursday we headed over to my parents house for dinner and to watch the Wild game. I love being able to do that, going to see them on a whim that is. Scotty suggested I wear his Superman onsie for Halloween. How could I pass up wearing pajamas all day and it be socially acceptable? My mom had the idea of Adam wearing my dad's referee shirt and going as a blind ref. Halloween costumes were officially planned {nothing like waiting until the last minute or anything...}. Halloween was the next day and it was a blast. We got together with about 20 of our dental friends at the Bjordahls house. Our hostess and friend, Emily, did a fantastic job. Everything was so cute and halloween-y themed. We had Snap, Crackle  & Pop in attendance, along with gnomes, cowboys, animals and so many others. We played games, ate and tried a few fun home brews they made for the party. My favorite was a pumpkin brew! The next Saturday we had a few couples over form our volleyball team. Since taking the fall season off, we don't have our built-in day for seeing them {boo} and have to make a point to get together! We basically stayed in the hot tub/pool area for a few hours and caught up. They are some of my favorite people.

The group!

This past week was equally as busy! I had my final game of basketball with my fall league team and ended up losing in the first round of playoffs. Bitter sweet. Tuesday night we had a friend, Lacey's, birthday at Pinestripes in Edina. Such a great place. They ended up playing bocce ball after we left {Adam had an early exam}, but that's just a great excuse to go back sometime ;) Friday night Adam and I had a date night to Pineda Taco and a movie. I think Adam has brought up Pineda Taco every time we contemplate eating out. It's his favorite and I'm a big fan too. We got super stuffed and still decided to smuggle in homemade popcorn and a pop into the movie. Yup. We'll always be those people. If you know me at all, you know I'm obsessed with popcorn. I've compromised and started bringing my own popcorn into movies. This stops all fights regarding expensive popcorn that I only half eat. See, I'm learning which battles to fight and adjusting. I don't feel too bad though, because the fella sitting in front of us popped open a bottle of wine right after the lights went down. Classy. Saturday morning I went to a painting class called 'Bottles and Bottega' at Spill the Wine {name of the restaurant} in Uptown Minneapolis. Us three girls - Jamie, Rachel and myself- all have birthdays within the next month. We thought this would be a great excuse to try out a fun painting class that Jamie found a coupon for on Groupon! It did not disappoint. Fun atmosphere and bottomless mimosas, how could anything go wrong? Oh that's right, we were supposed to focus on painting. We fell behind a bit because we were chatting and the instructor talked a mile a minute. We may not have masterpieces to hang in our living rooms, but it was a great girls morning. Saturday evening we headed over to the Prosser house to spend time with Britt and the little ladies. Nate was in Canada for a game, so we played and played and played. I swear, they grow up so much every time I see them. Emeri looks like she should be getting her permit next week...Okay, not quite, but I would appreciate if time could slow down a bit. Adam and Emeri practiced playing dentist {Britt will be bringing her in shortly as Adam's pediatric exam patient}. We all took turns before Emeri and had Adam poke around in our mouths for a few seconds- laughing historically like it was so much fun. She bought it. Emeri opened wide and let Adam look around for about 20 seconds, before deciding it wasn't something she was cool with. Progress! Ms. Willa has several teeth now and is crawling like a mad woman. So adorable.

Story time with E. 
Today, we spent the morning at our friends the Conroys house. They live about a mile away, but the road connecting us was under construction all summer. It just opened a few days ago and we're back to it taking roughly 2 minutes to get there. So great being this close to them! We watched some football and played with their adorable kiddos, Carter and Kelly. A Menards and Costco run later and we were home with a new T.V.! We have been thinking about his ever since we got married and found a great deal at Costco. Costco never lets us down. Adam's in technology heaven right now connecting and testing out our new gadget. I'm most excited that it has an actual Netflix button on the remote- making Friday Night Lights watching way too convenient...

In other news, we're supposed to get our first snow storm tonight/tomorrow. Crazy! Time to dust off the snow boots and plan on my commute taking an extra two hours.

All for now!

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