Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I didn't forget about you, November.

Well, November was my official my worst month as far as blogging goes. Sorry, Mom... Here are some of the fun things we did last month!

First, my dad was in an international racquetball tournament a little while ago! I forgot to mention it in the past few posts, but it is definitely noteworthy. He played men from all over the country {even one from a different country!} and did great. It was at the Lifetime in St. Louis Park and we were able to go watch him play in one of the matches. How fun it was watching him play, as my mom and brother were also there cheering him on! He did awesome and I was so glad we were able to see him in action.

Dad {left}

Mom and Scott

Adam and Scott

We had a girls cookie baking day at my parents' house a few Saturdays ago and it was a blast! My Godmother Sarah, her daughter Jenny and Jenny's daughter Brynn joined my mom, Britt, the little girls and myself for cookie fun. We all made different flavors {Melting Moments, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Green Wreaths, Sugar, Andes Mint Chocolate} and had such a great time making, baking, shaping and taste testing them. I think we all ate about half of the lot we were supposed to take home with us. It's so great when we can get together with them. Our family and theirs were like two peas in a pod while we were little. It isn't an exaggeration saying that 75% of our childhood pictures include Jenny and her brother Scott in them. Love them!

Jen, Sarah, Mom, Britt and me

The littlest helpers! Brynn and Willa

I love my parents kitchen.

Sarah, Mom and the grandbabies!

We had a friends Thanksgiving hosted at our friends, the Conroys, home. Our group of dental friends is great. Like, so great. We're pretty darn lucky to have them in our lives. There were about 20 of us and we all brought our favorite dish. Not Thanksgiving cuisine, like we were all going to be having the following weekend, but any favorite dish. We had homemade wild rice soup, walleye fish tacos {our contribution, compliments of Adam's summer fishing trip}, homemade BBQ wings, bacon wrapped weenies, apple and brie tarts...etc. I'm not even touching on the desserts, bars and dips we had. We ate like kings and queens. After dinner we played cards, drank and chatted until the wee hours of the morning. I don't have any pictures from this night, but it looked like we robbed a crock pot store.

Thanksgiving was spent up North this year with the Erickson family! I'll do a separate post on that and other December happenings :) Just wanted to get a blog out with early November happenings before I forgot.


P.S. After my previous blog post, my mom reminded me that I did, in fact, make homemade apple crisp when I was younger. Thank you for the reminder, Mom. I guess I wasn't as neglected as I thought. I will blame it on how much fun we had making Christmas cookies and that those memories stuck out in my mind more ;)

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