Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanksgiving and 24th Birthday

This year, Thanksgiving was spent up north at the Ericksons in Detroit Lakes. It was such a fun and relaxing long weekend. Rachel and Kyle were able to join us for the first few days, before leaving on Friday afternoon for a friends wedding. We ate delicious home cooked food {my favorite was and always will be green bean casserole}, played games, had extended family over and carried on the tradition of making lefse! Friday afternoon Adam, Julie and I went black Friday shopping in downtown Perham. It's such a fun, quaint little town. The same town that Adam and I stayed in the night of our wedding. They had way more shops than I anticipated and all of them were locally owned and unique. One of my favorites was a coffee shop we went to. It was seriously adorable and looked just like a movie set {check out the pictures}. On Saturday after Thanksgiving, Julie and I started decorating their house with Christmas d├ęcor. It was so much fun! Adam assisted with setting up their tree and soon enough, it was as festive as can be. Julie is a interior designer, so it's safe to say everything looked amazing. Another fun part of this weekend was when Adam's uncle Dan {Tim's brother}, gave us an Erickson family heirloom. He gave us this beautiful gold box that has been passed down with the Erickson name for hundreds of years, starting back in Sweden. What an honor. It's surely something we will treasure and pass down again when the time is right.

Adam and Rachel making lefse

Coffee shop seating
Movie set?

24th Birthday
I turned 24 on December 9th. Goodness, I feel old. Of course, I realize I'm not and that comment may invite confused glares from people {because so many people read my blog...}, but it's odd thinking that I'm officially mid-20's. I'm past the stage of going out until wee hours of the morning and have entered the era of wine and movie nights, dinner dates with friends and weeknight routines. I welcome this stage of life with open arms and if we're being honest, I never really cared much for the clubbing scene. I'll chalk that up to terrible dancing skills and a knack for early bedtimes. This year, I celebrated at P.F. Chang's in Maple Grove with my family. It's one of my absolute favorite restaurants. We family styled dinner and had countless plates of noodles, different kinds of meat and rice. I love my family. I especially love that we could all be together, as my sisters husband Nate wasn't out of town with hockey and could join. My parents got me a mixer; a giant seven quart stainless steal mixer that I want to hug at all times. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but I do catch myself gazing at it randomly when I'm in our kitchen. Baking will almost be too easy now. Kitchen appliances are high on my wish-list; another indicator that my mid-twenties are upon me. On my actual birthday, Adam and I enjoyed a date night at Red Stage. It's a fun restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis that puts a unique twist on traditional food. A great night is was!

Dad, Mom, Willa girl, Scotty, Adam, Me, Britt, Emeri and Nate


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