Sunday, January 4, 2015

NYE 2015

We celebrated New Years Eve at our friends, the Krafts, house. They were such amazing hosts and it a blast ringing in the new year with great friends. Games, food, decorations...they knew how to throw a NYE party. About 25 of us rung in the new year with at least five different crock-pot chip dips; apparently we all go the same memo. We spent the night there and lounged around the next morning eating egg sandwiches and watching the Gopher football game. Later that day, our friend Rachel came to stay the night at our place on her way back up to Duluth for medical school. It was a fun night catching up and watching movies! 

Adam goes back to school tomorrow after a two week break. I was getting used to him not having to study a bit too much. Today, he took out his book and I immediately remembered that I'd been really spoiled lately. He'll jump into Oral Surgery assisting for a few weeks, then fully take on the rotation and start extracting teeth himself. It'll be a fun four weeks, with plenty of crazy dinner table stories I'm sure {without patient names, of course}. He'll soon have to submit his preferences for externships during his fourth year. Crazy to think that next year, he'll be a dentist! This summer he'll be applying for jobs and possibly residency programs. A lot of unknowns right now, but I have a feeling 2015 will be our best year yet.

Mark, Adam, me, Molly
Adam, Mark and Michael

Lacey and I {blurry..}

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