Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Birthday Season.

We celebrated two birthdays in March; Willa girl turned one year old and Scotty turned 23. Such a fun few days. For Scotty's birthday, the entire family spent time together at a Nate's hockey game! So nice of Britt and Nate to get us tickets, as it's such a fun thing to do as a family. We had dinner before the Wild game at the arena, played with the little girls in the family room and the birthday boy got to open presents! Can't believe our little brother is 23. He's such an adult now...geeze Napoleon.

Birthday boy watching two Wild hockey players go at it ;)
We celebrated Willa's birthday that following Saturday and had such a fun morning. It was sprinkle filled gathering with both our side of the family and Nate's. It's so different having Nate's side around too, as it adds five more kids to the mix! So fun seeing all the kiddos running around and Willa was so stinkin' cute. She was such a little lady diving into her cupcake. At first, she was looking around as if to say 'wait, nobody is going to take this thing away from me!?'. After a few minutes, she was in head first and gobbling it up. She is such a doll. I love her sweet eyes and mild demeanor. At times I see Emeri in her, but other times I don't see any resemblance at all. She's such her own personality and is fitting perfectly into the prestigious role of second sister {we're an elite club}.

So pretty!

I am one!

Opening gifts.

We love you too, Willa girl.

We also celebrated my dad's 50th a few months ago, but I never posted the pictures from that either! Gosh, I've been lapsing on my blog.  Our family is beyond blessed to be anchored by such a steady, funny, reliable and loving dad. You'll see in the picture below, but I'm fairly certain I know what his style is ;) We all went over to my parents house for dinner and had a great night together. Here's to hoping your next 50 years are even better than the first.

I got him almost the exact same shirt that he was already wearing...

My Strawberry White Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake bars were a hit at Dad's party

Last of the birthday updates, Britt turned 27 at the end of January! We got together at my parents and some of Nate's family was able to join as well. We grilled and watched the little kids play and just hung out. We did what we do best, casual gatherings ;) I love it. Love you so much, sister!

The Prosser family on Britt's birthday.

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