Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I got a new job! This post was a long time coming, but I've had a lot going on lately and am finally ready to spill the details. In December, I was approached with a job offer from a software/data management company. I went into the meeting hesitant, as my background in medical sales was an entirely different ball game. After weeks of contemplating, I finally decided to accept. Writing about it now is so much easier than the experience was a few weeks back. Telling my coworkers I was moving on may have been one of the toughest things I've ever done. Ellex has seen me through so many seasons of life {engagement, marriage, moving, nieces being born} and will always hold a special place in my soul. It was my first big girl job and it was a wonderful ride. 

My new company is called Arcserve and also happens to be based out of Eden Prairie. I'm just over two weeks into my job and am absolutely loving it. New challenges are my thing. I love learning and getting to know everyone around me. The company recently moved from their previous location in Tampa to Eden Prairie, meaning there are several new employees {myself included}. A bunch of us are learning the ropes together and it has provided such a strong platform to bond. I feel like I'm in college welcome week again ;) I'm sure we're several weeks out from actually feeling comfortable and useful at work, but I'm enjoying the process. It's funny how in retrospect, some decisions in life that were so cloudy at the time become clear as day. I needed this change. I needed this new environment to reignite a creative side of me that had been lost. I needed this breath of fresh air more than I ever knew. 

Farewell, Ellex 

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