How They Met

Depending on who you ask, the story of how we met will change. If you ask our mutual friend, Jono Nagel, he will say that he played match maker in our love story. We briefly met at Jono's house during the fall of 2010. I was an old coworker of Jono's and Adam had been his friend since freshman year of college. If you ask us, it was an Ecology class that we took together at the University of Minnesota that truley brought us together. I was running late one day and ran into class about 20 seconds before it was to begin. Adam, being the studious fellow that he is, was sitting right near the front of the class. It was too packed and my typical seating area towards the back was filled, so I quickly sat down in a strangley empty row right in front of Adam. I was wondering why nobody else was sitting with me in this row and as the professor and TA's entered the room, I figured it out. I turned behind me and asked this curly headed kid if I was sitting in the TA row. He said yes and I jumped out of my seat and sat next to him. We chatted a little bit, but nothing to crazy. We had remembered that we met once at Jono's house months prior to that. The next class, I returned to my usual seat in the back and Adam to his. As the days went by, Adam slowly and slowly started sitting closer and closer to me. Finally, he sat right next to me. The rest was history. We bonded over the daily Sudoku races we would have from the school newspaper and eventually decided to 'study' for a test together. We talked the whole time and I will go ahead and blame him for me not getting an A in that class ;)

The Proposal (Nov. 21st, 2012)-

Before I tell you about how he proposed, I will tell you about our first date. It was at Al's breakfast in Dinkytown, which is right next to the University of Minnesota. During one of our study sessions for Ecology, Adam mentioned the legendary Al's breakfast. I told him I had never been there and he thought it would be fun for us to go. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. Then he broke the news that we would need to get there at 6am to have the 'true' Al's experience. That next Saturday morning we met on a bridge by my dorm at 5:45am and walked to Al's. Needless to say, it was early, it was delicious and we have been going there for our anniversaries ever since. On our 1.5 year anniversary, of course we decided that Al's was a good celebratory meal. We both drove to Dinkytown and I was following Adam in my car. He passed the usual turn and I called him. He tried to convince me that parking in an area over by where I used to live would be cheaper because the meters didn’t start until 8am. I argued and told him that if we wanted to park 4 blocks away he could, I was going to park closer even if I had to pay. Plan ruined. He followed me in his car and ended up parking where I did. We enjoyed Al’s and carried on with our day. I took a half day at work that day so we could head up to his lake cabin for Thanksgiving. I returned to my house to get my bags and Adams car was nowhere to be seen. He was supposed to be waiting there for me to head up north. I open the garage door and see a single rose on the floor in the garage. My mom works at a plant nursery, so it didn’t really seem too out of the ordinary to see a flower on the ground. I walked by it and went inside. I see a huge bouquet of roses sitting on my counter and turn the corner to see Adam on one knee. The rest of our lives started right there, in the kitchen of my parents’ house.  It was romantic, surprising and a wonderfully put together plan B on his part. He had intended to propose on the bridge where we met on our first date, but tired and hungry Courtni squashed that idea. The ending of the story is the same though. We’re engaged. We’re ecstatic. We’re blessed.

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