Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fourth of July!

I sit here on January 17th, knowing I haven't blogged since August! Lots of exciting things to get to that are happening now, but first- catch up time...

This year, we spent July 4th up at Adam's cabin! It was a blast. Family members came in from Texas and New Hampshire and we had an amazing time. Our good friends, Mark and Molly, joined us as well! We had lots of sun, games, a boat parade, our first annual Beer Olympics and even deep fried bacon during a fish fry ;) I'll get to posting pictures, but it was a truly great weekend and one that I won't forget. OH! and we even had a mildly intense game of family kickball...

Boat ride with Adam, cousin Stephanie, Mark, Molly, Me and cousin Danielle 

Frying some fish!

Bocce Ball

Our parade theme was 'Pontoon Prom'

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