Friday, March 7, 2014

Cabin Weekend

A cabin weekend was well deserved, as the dental students just finished a week filled with three different exams/practicals. We headed up north to Adam's cabin with two friends who are in dental school with Adam and their spouses. Before I go into detail about our weekend and all the fun stuff we did, I'm going to reflect on Adam and I's ride up there. It may have been the most entertaining car ride of our lives.

We've never really played specific car games until last Friday. We started off playing the 'Celebrity Name Game' and that was relatively non-competitive. You say the name of someone and the other person has to quickly think of a different celebrity name that starts with the letter the previous name ended with. The mood changed when we switched to 20 questions. It's a simple game that most people can remember playing when they're about nine years old with their brother or sister. I first chose the word 'gun', thinking it was a simple start, but it threw Adam into a tizzy. He got worked up because he asked if it had power (of course), if it needed to be plugged in (no) and if it was battery powered (again, no). I am grinning from ear to ear thinking I'm as clever as can be and he is denying that someone like that exists. Anyways, the game continued after he ran out of questions and we moved on. A few random words later and I chose 'International Space Station'. He ended up guessing it, but not without a raised voice, a few grunts, accusations of me making things up just to frustrate him and a few laughs. I am a faster-than-average driver, and when I was guessing on his word 'Flying Squirrel' I went from 75 to 55 because I was so frustrated and thinking so hard. Adam started laughing and told me to look at the speedometer. Long story short, it was the fastest car ride of our lives (not literally) and we realized that 1. we are both still very competitive 2. our children will be the worst people to play car games against, ever.

The weekend itself was amazing! It started off with a giant card game with our friends, Adam's parents, little sister Rachel and her boyfriend Kyle. Kyle taught us a new game called Blind Man's Poker and it was a lot of fun. Saturday morning we got up and made an Erickson specialty, omelets in a bag! It's so clever and something we will definitely continue doing. You add scrambled eggs and all the desired toppings in a plastic sandwich baggie, lay it over the edge of a boiling pot of water and let it float in the water to cook. It allows for multiple omelets to be made at the same time and no messy pan to scrape. After that, we read books, some people studied, played darts and watched TV. We went to the Detroit Lakes Zorbaz with the gang for lunch and afterwards watched Harry Potter, took naps and the the dental students had a little more study time. After the movie we all (mid-20 somethings) used an online quiz to sort ourselves into which Hogwarts house we would be placed in. Those not familiar with Harry Potter, basically we're all just a little nerdy :) We capped our weekend with a giant fish fry on Saturday night with walleye Tim and Adam caught on Lake of the Woods last summer. It was so fun spending time with everyone relaxing and getting out of the cities for a weekend!

How many dental students does it take to solve the turtle matching game? Answer: more than 4 ;)

Fish Fry 

Omelets in a bag!

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