Monday, February 3, 2014

The Newlywed Life (& a few more 2013 memories)

Life as newlyweds has been filled with so many different emotions. Pure happiness is the first one that comes to mind! We joke about it all the time, but it still feels like every night I get to have a sleepover with my best friend. I pray that feeling lasts forever. It's such an interesting thing, getting married. Two people try to blend together their learned habits, ideas and ways of living, while still trying to branch off and make their own fresh start as a new family. A few funny things that I have noticed: Adam likes to let dishes dry on top of a towel on the counter after washing (if its too bulky to put in the dishwasher that is) and I prefer to get everything dried and put right away, he has a specific way of putting things in the dishwasher and I just throw everything in, I squeeze my toothpaste from the middle of the tube (I'm an animal!) and he pushes everything up neatly from the bottom (I may loose this battle- since it falls in his dentist domain), I like the living room being tidy (within reason) before bed every night and Adam doesn't give it a second look, Adam is a milk monster- he drinks at least a gallon himself every week, we fold our t-shirts completely different and will re-fold if the other person by chance folds it his/her way. I feel as though I could go on forever about our subtle differences that make life so interesting and funny, but the bigger picture is that our love for each other trumps all. We have loved every aspect of the married life. Planning meals together, grocery shopping, lazy Sundays with hot chocolate and studying/reading, exploring our new town of Minnetonka, praying with each other before dinner every night, talking about our future, reminiscing about our wedding and so many other things. My absolute favorite thing is knowing that I get to come home and see him every night. It's hard to imagine the time when we would go about our days, not knowing when we would see each other next. Yes, we did see each other quite a bit while dating, but it's nothing compared to the comforting feeling of knowing that each night...I get to hug him, joke around with him, talk about how our days were and just be with him. This may sound like a sappy newlywed gushing about her husband with stars in her eyes, but that's how I feel! So blessed. I have an amazing guy.

Thanksgiving was with the Metcalfe's this year and we had a wonderful few days! We started the tradition of making Lefse- channeling our Scandinavian/Norwegian roots :) Adam has had that as a tradition in his family and his grandparents gave him his own skillet this year as a wedding gift. We are carrying it over to my side of the family and it's already proven to be a great idea! So delicious, fun and easy to make. It did look like a flour bomb exploded in the kitchen, but it was a blast nonetheless.We ate amazing food (I'm biased towards the green bean casserole), relaxed with the family and did a little black Friday shopping. I love spending time with my family and can't believe that next year we'll be adding one more! Britt and Nate are expecting their 2nd little babe in a few weeks :) A couple days before leaving for Christmas up north, we had a Christmas cookie baking day at my parents! I'll let the photo's do the talking in regards to the cookies. Such a fun day!


We spent Christmas up with the Erickson's at the lake cabin. With all of our busy schedules, its rare that we can all be together for an extended period of time. It was so fun to have a whole 5 days with them filled with board games, movies, drinking/eating and most importantly- relaxing! Extended family came down to the cabin from Fargo and it was so great to see them for an evening. We drove up to Fargo a few days later for Church and a movie (American Hustle) on Christmas Eve. With how far apart our families live from each other, we rotate holidays. That means it will be a few years before Christmas is again in Detroit Lakes for us- so we soaked it all in and had an amazing time. This was just another reminder of the amazing family that I married into :) A Maple Grove Christmas is next year!

Christmas 2013
We spent New Years Eve with the Conroy's, a few of our fellow dental friends. Clayton is in dental school with Adam and Jamie, his wife, has become such a great friend! We also officially became members of Costco (perfect gift, Mom and Dad). We have been known to walk around Costco a time or two with a guest pass and daydream about what it would be like if we were part of the cool kids club (members). We would try samples, figure out which TV we would someday want, try to find how we could eat the cheapest for an entire week and so many other dorky things. We flash our Costco ID's so proudly now as we walk in, we probably look like 15 year olds in the high school cafeteria showing off new driver's permit to their friends. It's the little things in life, right? We sold Adam's car a few months ago and have been managing well with one! I usually drop him off at the park and ride on my way to work and he rides the U of M express bus to school with a few dental friends. We've had occasions come up where two cars would have been ideal, but for the most part we are loving it. Less gas, less money towards car insurance and no car sitting outside in this bitter cold (we only have one underground spot).

New Years Eve!
Costco members!
That's all for now! xoxo


p.s. I just realized I didn't post about our honeymoon in Jamaica...that'll be next

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