Friday, May 16, 2014

Busy Bees

We sure had a lot going on last week! Adam and his fellow dental students finished their second year of school. With how excited I am that it's over, I can't even begin to imagine how all of the actual students are feeling! Pretty wonderful is my best guess. Adam finished off the year strong and has happily transitioned over to year three this week. This past week he had his first patient and is loving this next step towards being a 'real' dentist. Our End of Year Two party was so much fun! We grilled, played bean bags and watched the NFL draft with about 15 or so other people. Friday night we got to finally meet our friend Erin's boyfriend, Derrek. He is in town from Colorado, so we grilled at our apartment and went to a concert at Toby Keith's. So much fun getting to know him! Saturday was my friend Molly's bachelorette day. We started off the day with a Saga Hill cooking class. Adam and I had been there once before and had an amazing time, so I knew the group would enjoy it. The bachelorette party had a private lesson from the chef and made an amazing meal of grilled tuna fruit salad, paprika and cinnamon seasoned flank steak fajitas and layered strawberry shortcake. Amazing. That's all I can say. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to food, but I absolutely loved everything we made. The thing that surprised me the most was how much I loved the grilled tuna! After the cooking class, we went back to Hotel Minneapolis for gift opening and cocktails. We finished off our night with a little dancing and drinking in downtown Minneapolis. It was so much fun celebrating Molly with all of her sisters and friends! While I was bacheloretting (not a word), Adam was up north with my family at our cabin on Green Lake. I asked him earlier that week what he was going to do while I was at Molly's party. I had assumed he would want to spend his first free Saturday relaxing, playing video games or something along those lines (and it would have been well deserved!). Without prompting, Adam said that he would ask if my parents wanted help up at the cabin. He went up with them and my brother to put docks in and do other cabin-opening projects for the day. One of the many things I love about Adam is that he is so giving. He'll be the first to offer a hand if things need fixing, offer a car ride home to someone, volunteer for a dental charity event and so many other selfless things. This small act of kindness speaks volumes of the blessed life I will have with him by my side. He will probably roll his eyes at me when he reads this, thinking I'm making a big deal over nothing, but I really do notice all of the small things that make him so wonderful.

We have been passively trying to sell our Prius for a few weeks now. We have loved it and have no complaints at all! I think we're just ready for a change. I purchased it back in August of 2012, because I was driving quite a ways from my parents house to my work everyday. Fast forward to now, we live only 8 miles away from my work and this is our only car (we sold Adam's car last fall). We'd ideally like to upgrade to a more winter-friendly small SUV or sturdier sedan. We'll see what happens!

My (not so) little brother, Scotty, graduated from University of Minnesota Duluth last December. They don't have a commencement ceremony in the winter, so it will be held this upcoming Saturday! Our family is heading up there to watch our little curly headed brother walk across the stage. I can't believe he is that old already! I  remember him in his Ninja Turtle costume in elementary school and his binder full of Pok√©mon cards :) I'm so proud of him. We're spending the weekend at my grandparents (Dad's parents) cabin, which is just south of Duluth in Wright, MN. With having a family cabin of our own, we don't get up there very often. It will be another eventful weekend for us!

Toby Keith's 

The beautiful bachelorette, Molly!

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